Ingredients & quality

Ingredients & quality

In the service of our customers, we at WOJNAR’S pursue the highest quality standards. A selected team of experts who are responsible for the various areas ensures that these requirements are met: spreads, salads, delicatessen, snacks, convenience and organic.

Those who produce such good quality also want to develop further in the area of product diversity. In addition, we ensure that we receive the most important certifications in the industry year after year, such as IFS (International Featured Standard Food), BIO, MSC, RSPO, vegan, …

In 2018, product development answered up to 1099 sampling requests, which resulted in 96 new listings with 176 recipes and sub-recipes. There were 179 improvements and changes to the existing recipes. Ascending trend.

Certification & Environment

Sustainable fishing – MSC

The MSC is an independent, non-profit organization that operates worldwide and was founded jointly by the environmental organization WWF and the food company Unilever to offer a solution to the global problem of overfishing. The blue seal gives consumers the opportunity to make an environmentally conscious choice when shopping for fish hold true. By purchasing MSC-approved fish, consumers are supporting sustainable and responsibly managed fisheries and sending a clear message to the food trade.
The MSC has the vision of a better future: Oceans in which life grows and flourishes and whose productivity is assured for present and future generations.

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BIO products

But the environment “on the doorstep” is also important to us, as is the health of our customers, which is why we get BIO-certified every year and make sure that the eggs that are processed come from chickens that are kept as species-appropriate as possible.

All products that bear the EU organic logo have been manufactured in accordance with the EU regulation on organic farming and so you can trust their origin and quality.

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Vegan standard

Certification to the standard of the Vegan Society Austria we make sure that all necessary requirements for a vegan Production of us are respected.

Speaking of the environment on your doorstep:

As climate active project partners of the program “Energy-efficient operations,” we are continually working to improve energy efficiency in our operations and implement cost-effective energy efficiency measures.

klimaaktiv Urkunde download

Muenzer Bioindustrie Zertifikat download

In addition to impeccable quality and diversity, WOJNAR’S management is of course also concerned with the environment, which is why we have been calculating our CO2 footprint (scoop 1-3) since 2014. From this, important measures to improve and reduce the CO2 balance are derived. The remaining CO2 emissions are neutralized via certificates via KlimaAllianz. This means that sustainability projects (e.g. sustainable energy generation, reforestation and the like) are supported and promoted through the certificates. The management is committed to promoting climate neutrality and sustainability.

CO2 emissions – we are a carbon neutral company

WOJNAR’S Klimaneutrales Unternehmen 2018 Zertifikat download

To neutralize our CO2 footprint we support UN international climate protection projects.

For the second time, the company’s carbon footprint has been calculated. We have already neutralized our CO2 emissions for 2018 by purchasing climate protection certificates under the sovereignty of the United Nations. This makes Wojnars a climate-neutral company and, by participating in climate protection projects in developing and emerging countries, also promotes local energy supply and thus reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

The IFS Food Standard certification serves to ensure the quality of food production. Since the quality of our food has the highest priority, this certification is always of particular importance. It is always used wherever food is processed.

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