WOJNAR’S  Saiblingsfiletröllchen mit Apfel-Mangosalat & WOJNAR’S Tramezzini Speck-Ei

Char fillet rolls with WOJNAR’S Tramezzini bacon-egg and apple-mango salad

Shopping List:

A recipe for 4 people

Egg custard with WOJNAR’S Tramezzini bacon egg

Apple-Mango salad

  • 1 green Apple
  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


That’s the best way to taste it!

Coarsely grate the parmesan. Grease the glass mold with the butter. Set up a pot of water.

Mix the milk, cream, Parmesan, WOJNAR’S Tramezzini Bacon Egg, salt and pepper. Pour the mixture into the glasses and cover with aluminum foil. Place the filled glasses in the pot with water, put the lid on and let the mixture set in the water bath. Roll up the char fillets and then place them in the glass dish on top of the finished egg tarts. Leave the glasses with the egg tarts in the water bath for another 15 minutes. Be sure to do a cooking test to see if the mass has set.

For the apple mango salad, cut the apple into fine strips, peel the mango with a knife, cut the flesh into fine strips and mix with the lemon juice and olive oil. Spread the apple-mango salad on the char fillet. Serve with fresh cress.