Our vegan products

Conscious nutrition can be so easy, because smart connoisseurs know – it tastes best with smart bites! Our popular delicatessen salads are now also available as organic and vegan alternatives. The egg-free and herring-free varieties are an excellent culinary and vegan interpretation of our classics, which are also fully convincing in terms of taste.

Smart diversity 

If you like to use vegetarian products for a change, you’ve come to the right place – our Smarte Bissen stand for a conscious, organic and vegan taste experience for modern connoisseurs.

Therefore vegan! 

Neither fish nor meat – and still so good! Our vegan organic products have an excellent taste and offer every gourmet a delicious change from fish and meat products.

Organic and vegan 

It says “ORGANIC and VEGAN”, it has an excellent taste – we’re talking about our Smart Bites. The finest spreads and salads that do completely without meat and are also convincing in terms of taste.