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IFS – International Featured Standards

The IFS Food Standard is a recognised standard from the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) for the auditing of food manufacturers. The focus here is on food safety, as well as the quality of procedures and products. The standard applies to companies that process food, as well as ones that package food.

IFS standard is used where products are “processed” or where there is a risk of contamination when the product is packaged for the first time. The standard is important for every producer of food, in particular for the manufacturers of own brands, as many requirements check compliance with customer specifications.

The IFS standard supports the work of the production and marketing departments in the areas of brand safety and quality. The IFS standard was developed in close collaboration with certification offices, retailers, the food industry and the catering industry. (see: https://www.ifs-certification.com/index.php/de/standards/23-ifs-food-de)

What may sound very technical here means that our customers can be sure, with certified security, that WOJNAR’S works to the highest internationally recognised standards. We have been IFS-certified since 2003.

IFS certificate download

Use of RSPO palm oil (RSPO = Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

We love our environment, which is why we also look after it.

As a result, WOJNAR’S is RSPO and MSC-certified.

All of the raw materials we use that contain palm oil have been produced accordingly with RSPO-certified raw materials. Founded in 2004 on the basis of an initiative put forward by the WWF, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) works as a central organisation to promote the sustainable cultivation of palm oil and thus limit damage to the environment.

A certification system guarantees adherence to principles and criteria. During the RSPO certification process, producers are verified to make sure that palm oil is being produced in accordance with these criteria. The RSPO certification of merchants and other businesses in the supply chain ensures that any information given on the use of certified sustainable palm oils is accurate.

RSPO certification of the supply chain offers and verifies four different types of models here, two of which are used by us.

Segregation: Certified palm oil should remain separate from non-certified palm oil at every stage along the supply chain. In this case, the final product really only contains certified palm oil, which may, however, come from different sources.

Mass Balance: Seeks to guarantee a certain ratio of certified to non-certified palm oil along the supply chain to the final product.

Since 2016 all of our ingredients, containing palm oil, are converted to the Segregation model.

RSPO certificate download

Sustainable fishing – MSC

The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) seal stands for the use of environmentally sustainable fishing methods and for the responsible management of stocks.

The MSC is an independent, non-profit organisation that is active worldwide and was founded jointly by the WWF environmental agency and Unilever in order to offer solutions to the global problem of over-fishing.

The blue seal gives consumers the option to make an environmentally-conscious choice when buying fish. By purchasing MSC-certified fish, consumers support sustainable and responsible fishery practices and send a clear message to the food industry.

The MSC has a vision for a better future: oceans teeming with life in which supplies are safeguarded for this and future generations.

MSC certificate download

Organic products

However, the environment ‘on our doorstep’ is just as important to us, along with the health of our customers. This is why we secure organic (BIO) certification every year and take care to ensure that the eggs we use come from hens that are kept as required to ensure their welfare.

All products carrying the EU Bio logo have been produced by means of organic farming pursuant to the EU regulation, and therefore you can trust the both the origin and the quality.

BIO certificate download

Free-range farming for hens

In order to help ensure animal welfare, we decided back in April 2010 to switch to free-range producers for all our WOJNAR’S branded products that contain eggs or egg constituents.

Ensuring the source of our eggs: The consumer’s wish to buy egg products that verifiably do NOT come from eggs laid by battery hens is assured via the agroVet GmbH certification system.

Products that meet the guidelines are clearly marked with the HG logo for the specific farming method. These guidelines guarantee a seamless system of control from the producer to the end consumer.

agroVET certificate download

Vegan standard

Through certification in accordance with the standard of Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich, we ensure that we comply with all the necessary requirements for vegan production.

And while we are on the subject of the environment on our doorstep:

As a klimaaktiv project partner in the programme ‘Energy-efficient companies’, we work continuously to improve energy efficiency in our production facilities and implement commercially viable energy-efficiency measures.

klimaaktiv certificate download

Muenzer Bioindustrie certificate download

Alongside impeccable quality and diversity, WOJNAR’S management is also concerned about the environment, which is why we have been calculating our carbon footprint (Scope 1-3) since 2014.

This is then used to determine important measures to improve and reduce the carbon footprint. The remaining CO2 emissions are neutralised by the KlimaAllianz through certificates.

This means that the certificates are used to support and push ahead with sustainability projects (e.g. sustainable energy production, reforestation, etc.). Management is committed to promoting climate neutrality and sustainability.

Certificate – WOJNAR’S Climate Neutral Company 2018 – Future focus

WOJNAR’S Climate Neutral Company 2018 certificate download

We support international UN climate protection projects to neutralize our CO2 footprint. This is the second time the company’s CO2 footprint has been calculated. We have already neutralized our CO2 emissions for 2018 by purchasing climate protection certificates under the auspices of the United Nations. This makes WOJNAR’S a climate-neutral company and also promotes local energy supply by participating in climate protection projects in developing and emerging countries, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

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